Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine Model VRM-1

Atlas Engineering Company offers the Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine for the removal of Valve Assembly from Cans, which fail the pressure test after completely filling the same with the Contents. This ensures that the Can & the Contents can be re used.
The Atlas Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine is Quick, Simple, Fast and Efficient in its operation. It is a must for all Aerosol Can fillers for the retrieval of Cans With the Contents. It is capable of paying for itself within a couple of months of operation.
The Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine has a strong base and the top is hard chrome plated to withstand the effects of various chemicals that may spill on the top. The Pillar and all other fabricated components are powder coated. This ensures resistance to all types of chemicals and long life
The Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine requires no expertise to operate, it is operated with a Pneumatic Push Button Valve and within seconds the Aerosol Can Valve assembly is removed.
The Aerosol Can is brought to the Neck of the Collet and the Push Button Valve is operated, The Collet Holds the Valve and removes it without damaging the Can or the contents of the Can within seconds. The Push Button Valve is operated once again to dislodge the removed Valve Assembly, which is held in the collet. The Machine is ready for the next operation. The Cycle time is 10 seconds. Hence Approx 360 Cans can be retrieved every hour.
This is a unique and simple Aerosol Can Valve Removal Machine with practically no maintenance
The Aerosol Can Removal machine is available normally with a push button valve, but can also be supplied with a foot lever valve to keep the operator's hands free.
The Machine is very Simple & Safe to operate & can be put to use within minutes of un packing.
The Machine requires a ¼" BSP Pneumatic Connection, which is readily available with most Aerosol Can Filling Companies.
The machine is supplied with FRL, Valves, Air Cylinder & fittings.

Technical Specifications

Model VRM-1

Maximum Can Length : 325mm

Maximum Can Diameter : 130mm

No of Strokes : 360 per hour

Air connection : ¼ BSPF

Air Pressure : 6 bar

Air Consumption : 1200 litres / hour

Air Quality : Dry/Lubricated

Table Area : 480mm x 410mm

Weight : 30 Kgs

PS: Do Not Open pressurized Cans with this machine.

Models for Other Can Sizes Available.

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