To the outside world a miniature pneumatic air cylinder is simply a metal tube. To a Clippard employee or customer, that tiny tube of metal can be anything you want it to be. Whatever your hand can do, a pneumatic cylinder can do—pull, push, grip, hold, eject, etc. The application of Clippard products is vast and constantly evolving, which is why not just so many different markets, but the thousands of potential applications within those markets are able to incorporate miniature pneumatics. In the words of Rob Clippard, “Pneumatics is only limited to your imagination,” and Clippard proves that with their extremely horizontal customer base. From a tiny air valve in a dentistry tool, to paintball applications, to Clippard valves used on the international space station, to multiple cylinders working together to help President Lincoln talk in Disney’s Hall of Presidents, Clippard’s products are used all over the world in exciting and innovative ways.

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